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Duncan, Holland & Fleenor, P.C. is a Chattanooga law firm which, since 1973, serves bank clients, real estate clients, and businesses and individuals throughout Tennessee and Georgia. The firm’s shareholders, Adam Holland and Phillip Fleenor, have 61 years of collective legal experience between them.

Duncan, Holland & Fleenor can help you with your legal needs. We can help you prevent litigation by drafting clear legal contracts and assisting you with legal compliance. We also have litigators on staff when you or your business needs to access the court system. Our litigation portfolio includes corporate and business disputes, domestic litigation, and real estate litigation, as well as criminal defense and personal injury claims.

We also assist our clients with wills and estate planning, powers of attorney and living wills, and the administration and settling of decedents’ estates.

Phillip Fleenor

Phil is a trial lawyer who has tried a variety of cases in the state and federal courts of Hamilton County, Tennessee and surrounding judicial districts. He has presented cases in trial courts and appellate courts, bench trials and jury trials, in the following areas: business disputes, divorce and custody matters, educational issues, construction disputes, employment matters, estate litigation, and personal injury. In the past twelve months alone, Phil has recovered over $1.5 million for personal injury clients. Phil’s trial experience and knowledge extends to alternative dispute resolution.

Adam U. Holland

Adam has represented a wide range of clients in state and federal courts of Tennessee and Georgia and has extensive trail and appellate court experience, having brought hundreds of cases to resolution over the past decade. Although he practices principally in the courts of Hamilton County and surrounding judicial districts, he has an extensive appellate practice, having presented multiple cases to the Tennessee Court of Appeals and the U.S. Sixth Circuit, as well as the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

Legal Services for You and Your Business

Duncan, Holland & Fleenor provide attorneys and staff who are experienced in their respective areas. Our various departments team up when necessary so that your legal representation is through a focused team. For instance, a real estate attorney might be associated as necessary by a litigator handling real estate litigation. In addition, our younger associates provide an essential service preparing pleadings and briefs at a lower billing rate. This also allows our litigators to review and file while focusing their attention on other matters relating to your case.

Sometimes clients need an attorney to review documents or otherwise advise them by way of an office consultation. The client often wants to discuss estate planning, an upcoming real estate or business transaction, domestic issues or other threatened litigation. We charge a one-time consultation fee, and our mutual goal is to answer your questions and to make sure your legal rights are clear to you, after a full review. Consultations regarding personal injury matters are provided free of charge, and personal injury matters are usually provided on a contingent fee basis, meaning you do not pay unless we recover for you. If you call or send us a message, we can discuss how the firm can assist you.