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Tailored Legal Strategies For Complex Divorces

At Duncan, Holland & Fleenor, P.C., we understand that navigating the complexities of divorce can be difficult, especially for individuals with significant assets, businesses, and high-stake conflicts. We offer legal counsel, advice, and assertive representation tailored to the unique challenges of your circumstances.

Drawing from decades of experience in the field of family law, we are able to work through the most intricate cases with a focus on amiable resolutions when possible. Our commitment to our clients stands on efficiency, minimizing costs and time – without sacrificing quality.

We Prioritize Resolution Over Prolonged Conflict

Our team’s precision and care in complex financial matters are paramount when you own a business and have multiple real estate holdings, art collections, recreational vehicles, antiques, substantial investments, intellectual property and retirement accounts at stake in your divorce. Our experienced attorneys not only advocate for you in the courtroom but also provide solutions to protect your emotional and financial well-being.

If you and your spouse cannot agree to a property division settlement, we can provide meticulous analysis and valuation of your marital assets and businesses to help you create a fair distribution of your marital assets. We will also help you understand your legal options for choosing mediation for conflict resolution or the route of collaborative divorce.

If you and your spouse are still raising your children, the stability of your children and their future needs to be at the forefront of all parenting time and visitation schedules. Does your child have special educational needs, medical concerns and other interests to consider? We can help you with that. We are more than just lawyers; we are problem solvers committed to achieving efficient outcomes that protect your family’s interests and set the stage for a secure future.

The Importance Of Experienced Divorce Representation

We believe in a balance of aggressive advocacy and compassionate counsel. At Duncan, Holland & Fleenor, P.C., we not only focus on the legal battle. We are here to support you through this transitional phase of your life with stress-minimizing strategies for efficient case resolution.

Embarking on the next chapter of your life amidst a divorce is a significant step that should not be taken lightly. With the complexities of high-asset divorces and the potential for high-conflict issues, having an experienced divorce attorney by your side is crucial, especially when your privacy is a concern. Our full suite of legal services can help you make critical decisions about your divorce.

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Let us take on the legal burden, so you can focus on moving forward. By choosing to work with Duncan, Holland & Fleenor, P.C., you are not just hiring a lawyer; you are gaining a strategic partner who will fight for your future and help you confidently turn the page to your next chapter. Call our office in Chattanooga at 423-635-7147 or send us an email to begin the process.